Aug. 19, 2022, 6:43 a.m.
Gender: Female
Breed: Mixed 

Meet... DIVA ! Usually the words "diva" and "monster" don't go together. Nope, not at all... But what about the words "diva" and "cuddle"? Or "cuddle" and "monster"? YES! That's it! Cuddle monster Diva is THE perfect description for this absolutely, hands down incredible dog. At only 3 months old, Diva is a big girl already and is looking to be large size when fully grown. She is playful, has a very good appetite and right now she needs many hours oc beauty sleep. Well, you know what it's like, this much cuteness and beauty don't come with no effort... Finally, let's get to the bottom line: Diva needs a home! Who will be her hooman? 26946461



QC78+78 Paphos, Cyprus

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