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Whether you are a dog person or a cat person, you can find adorable animals to adopt and get a friend for life!

Shelters or animal welfare organizations can post their animals for free so that people can adopt them and become their new home and family.

Pets for adoption

Discover pets to adopt in Cyprus


hi people, we are trying to find a parents to this dog. Unfortunately the owner doesn't need this dog. German pointing dog (maybe mix breed) …


Hi people, we are trying to find a parents to this little doggy. Unfortunately, the owner doesn't need him. Spaniel (maybe mixbreed) male about 4 …

I have a puppy dog for adoption


οκ θέλω πολύ ένα μικρό σκυλάκι


This dog was found in Akrotiri. She's a senior with no microchip. Please share to find the owner 🙏🏼 If you are interested in fostering …


Found a small kitty in Aglantzia, around 1-2 month old. She’s already eating baby dry food. Unfortunately, we can’t keep her.


For adoption!! Bailey I’m just wondering how would it be to live in a home … with a family who cares about you … This …


Adopted!:) This adorable boy was found wondering at Eleftheria Square. He is apx 8 months old probably Labrador mix. He is very friendly and he …


My name is Nouris and I'm approximately a 1-2 years old boy. A lady found me a few days ago covered in ticks. She and …


Jack russell mix, 10 weeks old puppy. Very friendly and gentle


found two weeks kitten male and female in garbage. if someone wants to adopt them


Cold, Crying, CRUEL. These pups were left at our reception door early hours Saturday morning. They were scared, cold and hungry. We fed them and …


Available for adoption. Three beautiful kittens. They will be given with adoption package (vaccined and neutered)


im Looking for any kind of dog rodvailer doberman ext


Meet Holly ! Age : 4 months old approx Breed : Hunter cross Sex : Female Size : Medium Holly was found abandoned on the …


Hungarian vizsla puppy (2 months old) name: leo (you can change it if u want) we found him abandoned at the streets at night and …


Meet Stanley ! Age : 4 months old approx Breed : Pointer cross Sex : Male Rescue : - Size : medium Stanley was found …


Meet Hercules! Age : 4-5 months old approx. Breed : Belgian Shepherd Sex : Male Rescue : - Size : Large Hercules was given up …


Presentin'.... THE CUTEST little family ever! A family of 6 puppies aged 2 months old, two girls and four boys, are coming here on this …


Six puppies,two months old,mix breed.They will stay small size when fully grown. Four male and two female. For more details, call 99417352