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Whether you are a dog person or a cat person, you can find adorable animals to adopt and get a friend for life!

Shelters or animal welfare organizations can post their animals for free so that people can adopt them and become their new home and family.

Pets for adoption

Discover pets to adopt in Cyprus


Zara is a 2 years dog and wants a home. She is very friendly and active.


Meet Bubble and Squeak ! Age : 3 months old approx Breed : Chihuahua cross Sex : Females Rescue : - Absolute cuteness personified. Bubble …


A 7-8 month old kitten, indoor/outdoor, litter trained. He's tabby with a white belly and paws. He's very friendly with people and he gets along …


Meet Sinbad ! Age : 3-4 years old Breed : Pinscher cross Sex : Male Rescue : - Sinbad has a very sad story. He …


Meet the Smiths! 10-12 week old family of 3, of which two females (the black and black/grey ones) are looking for homes! Terrier/possibly some shepherd …


Meet Tia …….. Tia is an adorable Terrier cross pup approx 3 months old, likely to be small size. She’s playful and inquisitive. Tia loves …


Meet Jesse …….. Jesse is a adorable Hunter cross approx 3 months old. She is likely to be medium size when fully grown. Jesse is …


Αυτή η κουκλιτσα ενός έτους περίπου ψάχνει για το παντοτινό σπίτι της με πολύ αγάπη 99671516 Μιχάλης